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“DFH Financial Solutions (a trading name of Bridgewater Support Solutions Ltd,company number 07556890) is part of a group of companies established in 2006 which specialise in consumer financial solutions and have extensive experience in the field of commercial debt management. Read more...





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Can Money Affect My Health?

Can debt affect my health? Around 8.3 million people are in debt in the UK. Out of those, around 65% say that debt has had a negative impact on their health. Research conducted …

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Is The UK On The Brink Of A Debt Disaster?

The total number of household debt in the UK was £1.66trilliion in 2017. Meaning that the UK households have the second highest debt levels in the G8 nations. Research released by the Governments …

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UK Debt Levels By Region

Where in the UK is most affected by debt? The unfortunate answer is…EVERYWHERE. No region in the UK can be classed as absolutely 100% debt free. Debt affects 8.3 million people in the …

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What do you do when your outgoings outweigh your income?

Statistics show that the average total debt per UK household (including Mortgages) is at over £55,000 and is on the rise. Many of these households can manage their debt repayments each month, however …

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Can you comfortably afford your mortgage repayments?

The Bank of England’s base rate has been at a low since the credit crunch in 2007, meaning that since then, new homeowners have benefited from low interest rates on mortgages, however the …

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Judge challenges prosecutors for charging desperate couple with theft

A Judge has been in the news this week for taking a stand against prosecutors wanting to charge a couple for theft. Prosecutors say that the accused couple were seen at a local …

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What is my credit score?

When you take out credit, you’re borrowing money with a promise to pay the lender back within a specific period of time. A credit score is calculated by credit reference agencies that receive …

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Watchdog accuses Supermarkets of misleading customers

Consumer watchdog Which? has accused the some of the big supermarkets of misleading customers into thinking they are saving money, when in fact they are not. The investigation comes after complaints by shoppers …

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Have you checked your benefit entitlement?

Recent news has shown that there are a large amount of workers struggling financially, missing out on benefit entitlement simply because they are unaware of what is available to them via Working tax …

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Benefit sanctions condemned by MPs

Benefit Sanctions have been condemned by MPs, as there is a worry that the majority of claimants affected are suffering severe financial hardship, unable to buy food or to pay for rent and …

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