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IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

If you have unsecured debts of over £3,500 and can no longer afford to make the repayments and cover your other living costs, an IVA could be the solution for you, depending on your circumstances.

If an IVA is selected as the preferred debt solution for you, we will work in conjunction with our selected Insolvency Practitioners at Debt Support Centre Ltd, a company within the group to create a formal agreement between you and your creditors (the companies you owe money to). We will only recommend an IVA to you if we consider this is the appropriate solution for you.

Debt Support Centre will arrange affordable monthly payments, usually over 5 years. After that time, any remaining unsecured debt is written off. Please note 75% (by debt value) of voting creditors must be in favour of the proposal for the IVA to go ahead.

Advantages of an IVA

  • A large portion of your debts may be written off upon completion.
  • Have one payment, tailored to your circumstances.
  • Get legal protection from companies you owe money to. Your creditors are legally bound by the terms of the agreement.
  • Save time and money with just one affordable monthly payment, usually over a period of 5 years.
  • An IVA is a real alternative to declaring yourself bankrupt.
  • Protection for homeowners. Avoid the possibility of losing your property. Although you may be required to release some of the equity in your home halfway through the final year of your IVA.
  • Stops all creditors included in the agreement from taking any further action against you
  • All charges and interest could be frozen on your accounts.
  • Continue trading as a Sole Trader or Partner.

Disadvantages of an IVA

    • An IVA will display on your credit file and affect your credit rating for a total of 6 years or up to 12 months after successful conclusion, whichever is the later and you may still find it difficult to obtain credit once your IVA has finished.
    • An IVA is listed on the Insolvency Services Insolvency Register. Your details will be on it for the duration of the IVA.
    • When you are on an IVA you cannot obtain or service credit outside of the Arrangement, including current overdraft facilities.
    • If you receive a windfall such an inheritance, you may be expected to pay this in to your IVA up to 100% of your outstanding debt plus any IVA fees.
    • There are certain restrictions on your expenditure whilst in a IVA
    • Only unsecured debts included within the IVA may be written off at the end of the IVA and outstanding debts such as mortgages will remain outstanding at the end of the IVA
    • There are costs and expenses involved in an IVA. You will not directly pay these costs but if the IVA fails outstanding debts may not have reduced as your income contributions will have been used to pay the costs and expenses of the IVA. Click here to find out more about insolvency fees
    • Homeowners may be required to try to release equity in properties in addition to paying contributions from income for 5 years. If it is not possible to obtain a remortgage or a secured loan on reasonable terms for repayment the IVA payment term may be extended by 12 months.
    • 75% by value of the creditors registering to vote will need to vote in favour for the IVA to pass.
    • Your employment may be affected if you are required to have a credit search
    • Failure of an IVA can result in creditors petitioning for bankruptcy.

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Further Debt Help and Advice

Depending on your circumstances, our debt advisers may advise you to enter a specific debt solution – and if you choose to, there will be fees involved. Click here to read more about our fees.

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