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Mobile Phone Debt

It is estimated that there are over 62 million mobile phones in use in the UK, with 85% of these belonging to adults. As with any other paying contract if you start to fall behind with payments and get into mobile debt there can be consequences, such as a County Court Judgement (CCJ) which can hinder your ability to obtain credit for 6 years.

It can be quite easy for some to build up mobile debt, sometimes this can be down to not understanding the terms of the contract or how much calls and text messages actually cost, it can become easy for some to lose track of how much they’re using their mobile phone.

Solve your Mobile Phone Debt – Speak to a Debt Advisor today

If you have found yourself struggling with mobile phone debt, the advice is not to panic but to address the situation as soon as possible. There are many solutions to help you repay your mobile phone debt. Firstly we recommend you refer to your mobile phone provider to try and resolve the situation however, we at DFH can help you to determine the best solution for your circumstances and help you regain control of your finances.

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