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Peter’s Testimonial

Peter’s Story

Listen to Peter’s experience of how DFH help him with his debts.

Peter contacted DFH several years ago after finding it almost impossible to keep up with paying his priority bills and his debts and it got to the stage that he needed to decide which to pay first.

As many people find, Peter and his wife had simply overcommitted to repaying debts. After taking out a loan to repay other debts and using the remainder to help towards his son’s wedding costs Peter found that he couldn’t clear as much debt as he initially expected and as such, found he couldn’t keep up with the repayments. After many months of trying to juggle the finances it became clear this would not be a long-term solution so Peter sought professional help with his unsecured debts.

Since joining DFH Peter has had many happy occasions but unfortunately, there had also been some very difficult times. DFH has been there for Peter regardless and the offer of support and understanding lifted a weight off his mind. Peter’s debt has reduced hugely and whilst life will always offer surprises; good and bad, his debts are not one of these.

Knowing that DFH had helped 1,000’s of other people, made me realise I wasn’t alone.

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