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It was the best thing I did I am out of debt now.

Terence’s Testimonial

Terence first came to DFH not long after he and his wife started experiencing financial problems.

Initially they were in a tough situation being bombarded with letters and telephone calls, some very early in the morning and late in the evening from debt collectors. He found the tone of these calls not a very pleasant experience and he didn’t feel like they were being treated with respect or dignity.

“I remember in particular, a young lady threatened to get someone to call round at our house unless we paid them some money” Terence said.

It was after this experience Terence realised, they had to get some help to deal with the situation.

Although he doesn’t remember how he found the advert for DFH, he was very glad he had. From the first call Terence remembers how friendly and helpful the advisor was on the telephone and how he took time to explain how DFH worked and how they could help.

“When DFH took control, they asked me to refer all letter and phone calls directly to them, stating they were now acting on our behalf” Terence explained

Within a few weeks, the number of harassing calls and letter started to slow down, before they just stopped. It was quite a relief for Terence as he knew DFH were taking care of all his creditors.

“What I hadn’t quite realised in the beginning was the strength DFH had with their lengthy experience and their knowledge of consumer law and how they were able to position themselves perfectly between creditor and debtor for the best outcome for both parties.” Terence added “It felt to me that creditors trusted DFH to present a suitable repayment plan that would be honoured as it was affordable to the debtor”

Terence finished with “In the years that I have been with DFH, there has never been a problem with what they proposed to my creditors, what’s more, is in all my time dealing with DFH, they have been courteous and helpful in dealing with me”

The guys at DFH work together like a real team. Plus, they are compassionate and so, so understanding.

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