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Administration Order


  • It allows you to put forward, through an officer of the court, a realistic offer of repayment to creditors, if you have one available.
  • Creditors can’t take further action collections activity against you once the order is granted.
  • You may be able to avoid having to sell your home, or non essential assets if your spouse, partner or a relative can buy your share of its value after any debts secured on it have been paid.
  • If your income is so low that you cannot afford to repay the debt in full in a reasonable time (usually 6 years) it is possible to apply for a composition order which will limited repayments to usually 3 years and any debt you cannot afford to repay in this time is written off.


  • The court may not grant the order as it is subject to individual circumstances.
  • You will be subject to a monthly charge of 10% of your repayments by the court for supervising the order.
  • You will be unable to obtain further credit during the order.
  • An order is registered against your credit file for a minimum of 6 years and will affect your ability to obtain further credit.
The guys at DFH work together like a real team. Plus, they are compassionate and so, so understanding.

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