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DFH really worked hard to find a plan that suited me best

The IVA process

Step 1

Initial Client contact via Free Phone or Contact Form

Step 2

Debt Adviser arranges in depth call to assess your debts and debt solutions available to you

Step 3

If IVA is the appropriate solution for you, a Debt advisor will arrange a call back to you at a preferred time to go through an IVA Application, and if an IVA is not suitable we will look at other options available to you

Step 4

At this point, your file will be passed to Debt Support Centre, a licensed insolvency practice. IVA proposal is prepared and sent to you for you to approve and sign

Step 5

After the signed proposal is returned a Creditors’ meeting is arranged approximately 17 days later. (You do not have to attend this but we need to be able to speak to you on the day of the meeting)

Step 6

If agreed by 75% of voting Creditors, the IVA begins

Step 7

Average time for process completion, between 4 – 6 weeks

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IVA Alternatives
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Further Debt Help and Advice

Subject to availability and acceptance. Debt write-off applies on the completion of and Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Alternative solutions may be offered. Repaying debt over a longer period of time may increase the total amount to be repaid. Whilst on an IVA and for a year after completion your credit rating will be affected.

Knowing that DFH had helped 1,000’s of other people, made me realise I wasn’t alone.

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