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Soon I will be debt free... something I never thought possible.

Sequestration Advantages

  • It allows you to put forward, through a trustee of the court, a realistic offer of repayment to creditors, if you have one available.
  • You will normally be discharged after just 12 months.
  • Any debt that you cannot afford to repay is written off and creditors cannot pursue you for further repayment.
  • Creditors can’t take further action collections activity against you once the bankruptcy order is granted.
  • It allows you to make a fresh start after only a year.
  • You may be able to avoid having to sell your home, or non essential assets if your spouse, partner or a relative can buy your share of its value after any debts secured on it have been paid.


  • If you apply for your own Sequestration you will have to pay an application fee of £200 to obtain a certificate.
  • You may lose full control of your financial affairs including your bank account and any assets during the period of the sequestration.
  • Certain professionals are barred from practising if they are made bankrupt.
  • You can’t act as a director of a company or be involved in its management unless the court agrees.
  • You will be unable to obtain further credit during the Sequestration.
  • Sequestration is registered against your credit file for a minimum of 6 years after discharge and will severely affect your ability to obtain further credit.
I can never thank DFH enough for giving me hope and a future, free from debt.

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